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Definitely a learning experience. Explain to the customer that stopped the check what your exact expenses were. And I mean exact. Offer a slight discount at $400 and see their reaction. You need to sell this and not argue with them but sell. There's a difference. I never like to give an hourly rate for a job it can get messy. In the opinion of the customer if you're there too long they think you are milking them or if you do the job too fast you could lose money. There's not an exact science or price on some jobs especially cleanups. Sometimes you win on estimating jobs sometimes you lose. Experience and talking to others that are in the business like on this site or other companies will help in the future. Pick the brain from others. Next time give them a price unless you have done the job before and are regular customers. If they are first time or one timers and you don't know exactly what to charge give 2 prices and work from there. You could say if we take this amount of debris it'll be this amount etc. You need to sell and gain the customers trust back and sympathize with them a little. But just a little because you just worked 14 hrs for them. For example: "I worked my butt off for 14 hrs and cleaned your yard that was 3 ft deep in leaves and cleaned your gutters. They had sticks and twigs and crap cloggin them up. That was really hard. Doesn't it look good? I took 3 truck loads of debris to the dump that cost $60 a load". I think you get my and the other guys on here's drift Sorry for being so long winded but I've been in your shoes. Some customers can be and act like children. Some will try to take advantage of you. GL
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