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Originally Posted by Brucelawns View Post
If it gets bad and only you can judge that when you talk to the customer offer them the opportunity to pay in payments but only do that if you think it's going bad. Not a fan of it but sometimes if you give the customer a little cool down period they may come around. Time goes by and their neighbor or relative or friend come by and comment to them that there yard looks great! The neighbor might ask who did the job. Or if the neighbor doesn't say anything but they noticed. People always notice. You may not think so but they are looking. That's what I tell my guys. Work as if the customer is watching on the front porch. I always think someone is watching. Kinda scary. JK!
Thats how this whole thing started.One of my regulars is across the street.The lady I did the clean up for over the weekend got my info from my regular.Her daughter calls me last week to set up the work. I tell her I can get it knock out over the weekend. Put in 14.5 hrs working blowers pretty much non-stop. Had a lil handheld poulan pro 25''cc blower I got 5yrs ago.After that 15rd brawl Sat afternoon she had enuff. Can hear piston pieces rattling around!
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