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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
So you land a leaf clean up job.The leaves haven't been touch all season.The property is a mess. You as a solo get with owners and they tell you what they want done. They give you the green light to start. The total job takes you 14.5 hr Whats your bill for the customer?

14.5 hrs.
4 gallons of 2cycle mix.
Gutter cleaning.
How long have you been in this business? It seems to me you should have been able to come up with a figure of how long it would take you to do the job. By telling the customer that it will take around so many hours at so much per hour would have told the customer that it was going to be alot more than the $30.00 she had in her mind. I say it is your fault for not being specific enough!
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