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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
There's SO many things wrong in your post it's not even funny.

With that last sentence, you act like Travis Tritt and that song "ten feet tall and bullet proof" comes to mind. You don't run a business.

How can you say "the only reason I categorize expenses is for my personal knowledge" when a accountant NEEDS to know ALL the expenses. You have to be the most eccentric person ever.
well orange.....

care to explain why he doesn't get a list of my expenses? care to tell me why all he's ever asked for is my total income for the year, my total expenseses for the year and any equipment I purchased or sold?

I know he depreciates the equipment. so that's why he wants that. and I know why my total income. but like I said, if I had 10 grand total in expenses that's the number he works with. he has no idea how much of that was for fuel or mulch or office supplies.

I have no idea how he files my taxes or what he does. and really I don't care. as long as my taxes get paid each year and I'm making the kind of money I wanna make. and so far for the 7 years I've been in business I've been doing that.
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