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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
well orange.....

care to explain why he doesn't get a list of my expenses? care to tell me why all he's ever asked for is my total income for the year, my total expenseses for the year and any equipment I purchased or sold?

I know he depreciates the equipment. so that's why he wants that. and I know why my total income. but like I said, if I had 10 grand total in expenses that's the number he works with. he has no idea how much of that was for fuel or mulch or office supplies.

I have no idea how he files my taxes or what he does. and really I don't care. as long as my taxes get paid each year and I'm making the kind of money I wanna make. and so far for the 7 years I've been in business I've been doing that.
You should look for another accountant. If he isn't breaking it all down, then how does he know how much fuel was used in the truck or the mower or the handhelds? What about the work boots you bought this year (example so please don't say you didn't buy any) or the work pants. What about trimmer line? How does he know how much you bought? He's setting you up for a audit. When that happens, you'll be totally screwed without itemized records.

Also, you're banking on him knowing everything about your business. You are not running your business. All you're doing is working as a employee for yourself. Who's actually running the business then?
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