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Originally Posted by BrandonV View Post
the main reason for a stand on unit is:
1) on and off use: these are not units that you're grading large areas with I will admit that but lets say you're making beds, mulching or even just augering some fence post its a one man job now becasue the operator can fill the role of helper and operator
2) visibility: no cab and a higher vantage point allow you to work in smaller areas without running over stuff/people

I'll give you an example my hardscape crew will 9/10 times go for the sk650 to move our large tamp (~600#) vs our 287b cat its just faster and easier to not have to climb in a cab

talked to my dealer today and will have a demo when convenient for him (i'm in no real rush) anyone interested in buying one of my current units?
Very good points about the on and off, but I would argue that the visibility advantage over a PT30 is negligible since the rear hood is so short, and the operator sits so high. I've operated all of the stand ons with the exception of the Ramrods, and they're very versatile (hence the big market).

However, if I were to buy one (and I'm not ), I would really need a machine 600lbs lighter and 6" narrower before I'd get one over a PT30. The PT30 gives me almost 50% more ground speed, almost 50% more ground clearance, significantly more lift and tilt breakout, more operating capacity, more stability, more traction, more hp, more engine torque, 20" more dump height, lower ground pressure, less turf damage, more flotation, and a machine I could truly operate all year round.

I'm sure the single joystick on the new Ditchwitch machines would be interesting to operate.
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