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I can do hardscapes, and i can do them well. However, I am not comfortable enough in my ability to do them commercially and I would feel like a total ahole putting a price on them for someone else. Therefore, I WILL NOT advertise them in my services. Its not worth my reputation or pings on my commercial insurance if something goes wrong at this point. I have recently begun making it a point to photograph any and all work done to clients properties with time and date stamps as a back up. In this economy it is unfortunate but people will try and burn you out of a 45-50 dollar grass cut by saying you were never there. A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to collecting what is owed to you. Plus, it is a way to build your portfolio so you arent hunting for free share images. I also have printed up a very small binder I bring along to new commercial/residential customers so they can see MY work while I work up an estimate for them. This really does help. I have one for commercial customers and one for residential. You would be shocked at how many commercial property jobs I have bid that I end up with a residential off of just because of the portfolio. My advice would be keep it small at the beginning, and expand as needed. You can too quickly get in over your head service wise and bite off more than you can chew. Listen to Krayz. His adivce you cannot have a dollar sign put on it. It is in my opinion rock solid. Good luck this season.
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