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Turf Tracer
Thanks for your interest in the new Commercial 30 walk mower. Interestingly, we use a timed blade system to effectively reduce horsepower consumption commonly associated with twin or triple blade decks. Youíll be amazed if you demo this unit in the ability to perform in demanding conditions. The blades more effectively cut and move the grass than is the case with the untimed blades on other decks. We believe the FJ180 KAI spec Kawasaki is the right power to weight ratio as well to make this an incredibly nimble unit. Also, for deeper grass conditions, the available side discharge option further reduces horsepower needs as compared to mulching or bagging. Still, we certainly canít fault anyone who picks a Viking or Turf Tracer for their needs! Thanks for your interest. We encourage everyone to ask their dealer for a demo. Seeing is believing!
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