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A hook truck is GREAT for the landscaping industry! Do NOT go with a switch n go or cable system. SLOW and Dangerous. Hook systems are great, only need one truck and you can have many different bodies. Drop a box on a job site and guys can just wheel barrow heavy materials right into it very easily. Get a low pro box so you can load over the sides easy with small machines like a toro dingo, bobcat mt50 or vermeer s800. We had a tall box for brush as well. Flat bed for hauling things like a water tank. Landscape body for loading mowers and small equipment on. Ours was a 36 inch hook height, one cyl system. Worked just fine for what we did. One truck replaced about 5. We could drop off boxes at all different job sites all at the same time. We had a steller on a T6500. Perfect set up. Powerful cat motor and the truck was big enough to haul whatever. Just under cdl was nice so anyone could drive it. for a smaller company looking to get bigger or more efficient a hook truck will do it. Or for a larger company wanting to replace many trucks with one... this is the way to do it. They only down fall is the cost. To find a good condition truck, with a good system at a fair to cheap price is super hard. These systems are not cheap. Also the boxes and bodies are very expensive as the cost of metal has gone way up. Try and find a company going out of busn. but it right.
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