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Thanks for the input guys, a couple things.

- there is a gate along the fence that leads to the driveway right in front of the garage, thats what the extra patio area is along the right side on the circle pattern.
- I wanted them to be able to use this during the winter so i wanted to create a complete paver walk way from the fence to the deck, she originally didnt want to do new steps, but i think i can get her to go with that idea instead of an awkward walkway (it definately is awkward) and it wouldnt be much of a price difference either, probly would save her $$
- she brought up the idea of using simple flagstone for the walkway and between the fence and patio, yes it would be cheaper but also a nightmare to shovel in the winter so i got her off that idea.
- i like the idea of bringing out the patio farther into the yard but there are a few things that wouldn't allow this.

another thing, there is a downspout as you can see in the top right corner between the house and fence, i brought up the idea of a rain barrel there because, otherwise the water will flow off the patio and that could be bad news in the future. She really liked that.

Would another easy way to deal with this be simply having the downspout go under the fence onto the driveway? I think there should be enough room under to do this and it would be more cost friendly
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