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mmmmmmmm also for pricing, heres a few things

- we have a dump for all the materials, also have a skid steer but the gate is too small for it
- could rent a dingo for one day to help excavation and bring in the base (plan would be to get everything ready for excavation, excavate for 6" base, sand and pavers and possibly start to bring in base the first day) so i could rent one. One main reason id like to is because currently there is a lot of old river rock that needs to be taken out (she wants it put in the far back yard, even though itll be dirty) and that could be hell to do with a shovel, excavation wouldnt be to bad without the dingo, same with bringin in class 5
-we can back the dump right up to the gate entrance
- we have a jumping jack but would need a plate compactor, would you guys say its ok to compact the base with a jumping jack or no? ive heard different opinions

so over all the only things needed to rent are compactor and possibly dingo (if you think its worth it)

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