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I am somewhat in the same boat as the original poster on this thread. This past season was my first as well I didn't go after the lawn care full time but plan on doing so this upcoming season. What I found last year was that, when starting off small, as you and I both are, it takes a few times to throw prices at customers before you figure out what a yard seems to be worth. Also, being a small company, you can't charge as high as the established companies in your area because the customer will think to just hire the guys who have been around for a while because they will figure that they know what they are doing. When starting off start small, be a little cheaper, you have to build your clients slowly. Unfortunately it can't happen over night. Another thing I've found out is that it is a lot harder for people to say "no" to a price in person if they ask what it would cost at the initial bid. So you can use that to your advantage sometimes, but not always. Anyways, hope that may have helped, feel free to get in touch with me as you probably learned some things last year that I did not, and so on and so forth.
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