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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
Have you hired anyone yet? I mean legally? That might make things a little more clear to you once you see what the legal and compliance stuff is like. 30 is a big number. Quality control would be hard at that scale unless your a biz whiz. Is the market even there for that size? I suppose it might be possible near a big city. I mean that many employees requires providing health care policies. I dont think lawn care is profitable enough for that. Not to mention you would need office people and maintenence people.

Edit- Want to add. I doubt there is a such thing as a lawn care company this big without being a franchise. Just because the business man that could make it work would be smart enough to be doing something else for far more money.
I agree with that but Cincinnati is a very large city there is landscape companies here with over 200 trucks . I don't know about health care yet . Seems to much money out of pocket .
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