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Originally Posted by ryan41 View Post
I just looked it up. I have to travel to Madison to take the test. I was told i am able to buy a video that goes over everything so all i have to do is show up and take the test.
Is the test difficult?
Ryan, you will need to purchase the training manual regardless if you buy the DVD. Read the manual. 40% of the people that take the test fail. reason being they did not read the manual. if you have a hard time learning from just reading the manual there are sites online where you can make your own tests and study that way. The manual is $45.00.

If you are a wisconsin veteran the state will waive your license fee one time. this will help you financially to get your business going.

The maunual will teach you a lot. there is also a lot of stuff in the book that just boils down to common sense. my best advice to you is buy the manual, read it, and get properly licensed. the cost of this is well worth it to become a professional.
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