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Originally Posted by skorum03 View Post
Hows it going guys? I'm a new member to LawnSite as of today, but did find many things on here useful as I started my small lawn care business last year. I am 20 years old from Hudson, WI and have been working in construction landscaping for the last few years. I mowed and few lawns and did small yard work as I grew up over the summers. Last summer I decided to go after the lawn care a little heavier. I continued to work full time at my other job (40 plus hours per week) and did the mowing at night. At most i had about 12 lawns I was doing, some more often than others based on customers needs. I got the majority of my work off of craigslist. I posted a few different ads and built a website. I ordered yard signs and designed everything myself. I was able to save enough money to buy a husqvarna 54 inch zero turn mower and a couple of blowers, weedwackers, and push mowers. I used a snowmobile trailer that I bought from a friend. Towards the end of summer I was able to buy a new(er) truck for myself. I paid cash for everything and have no debt as of right now. I'm pretty happy with that. I am, though, looking to expand this upcoming season. Just wondering what people think of my story so far and if anyone has any advice or criticisms of what I've done so far all will be taken into consideration as I want to learn and grow my business.


Spencer Korum
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Hey Spencer welcome to the forum. I think you have a good story, and good strategy paying cash for everything, that might be one of the best points. Other than that advertise more, whatever you're capable to do, and communicate well with your customers. What I mean is, if they call, answer, if not, return the phone call as soon as possible. There are a lot of Lawn Care Owners who don't return phone calls for days; and if I was a customer I'd look for someone else.

But good luck to you buddy and I look forward to hearing from you on here.
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