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I don't know everything, and probably not as much as most people here, BUT taking on a large job like that by the hour would make me very worried about pay time. I'd do my best to give an estimate. I've done it enough times to visualize the job. If it turned out to be a little low, atleast they wouldn't stop payment on the check. How much is your time spent fighting to get your money worth? I've done a couple of those recently, and they jumped at my price. They thought it would take me so much longer. I wrapped up two huge tarps, and ran my mower, done. I'm not comfortable with hourly pay at all. On that same street, i gave a man a price, and he said "well, i want to see how long it will take you." I walked. Having said all of this, i think your customer has no idea about the amount of work you did. You have to deal with them on their level, and that is "bottom line". "How much is this going to cost me?"

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