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Originally posted by General Grounds
:blob3: crawdad, the snowplows are part of my "equiptment" list, i was just answering the ? asked.

we do enough hedge trimming to keep 3 guys busy 5 days a week. tony
Actually, the original question was, what do you take out every day; although a reread shows that Husky wanted to see either a complete list or what a crew takes out each day.
Originally posted by Husky
I want to hear or see what everybody is operating,,,right down the the last weed eater........well anyway,,atleast what is the equipment 1 crew takes out in a day,,,or if ur solo, what equip you take out each day...lets here it ALL
I'll try to get a pic of my rig today, you can tell me if I have oversimplified. But I will not post a complete inventory of everything I own, from the Clinton Choremaster one-wheel tractor, all the way to the Scag and Exmark walk-behinds and the riders and such. I'll post a ready-for-a-workday pic.
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