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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I think you're misunderstanding your own link. You're insinuating that if you have unhealthy turf, you have to make the microbes healthy before you can make the turf healthy. That is not what Dr. Zuberer said in the link that you posted.

Your link says that robust microbial populations accompany healthy turf and that the main way to produce a robust microbial population is by doing the things that create a healthy turf. The healthy turf MUST come first.

I think this is the key point that most people are missing. Let's look at an important line:

"To increase microbial activity in a soil one must make the environment optimal, or at least more favorable, in terms of aeration, moisture, and pH, and above all provide the organic substrates needed to fuel the population."

If we make the environment favorable by providing aeration, moisture, proper pH, and nutrition, you will have healthy turf and it will produce the organic substrates that are needed to fuel microbial populations. The very same things that microbes need to thrive will produce a healthy turf!

Further reading in your link also shows us that most types of microbial innoculations are a waste of time and money -- they don't work.
So if that is where the misunderstanding is at then perhaps we can carry the conversation forward... becuz I agree with everything thing you just said...
Innoculation onto bad ground is just about as useful as innoculation onto a gravel driveway... I hope this clears up what I think about innoculating problem turf w/out looking at HOW to fix the environment/habitat first...
I also hope that it clears up WHAT the true issue really is!!!

The real issue is not the platitudes of aeration, moisture, pH and the organic substrates... It is in the proper management of those things... So HOW is that done???
Let me repeat this so that we donot cover the same ol'-same ol' useless back and forth ... How is it done!!!

The real issue is How does the soil become properly aerated with correct management practices???
How does the soil become properly moist with the correct management practices???
Does dumping compost onto a lawn provide the correct management strategies of incorporating organic substrates???
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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