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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
You have a Iphone why not get a Ipad as well and eliminate most of the paper work, just curious seems to make sense, not sure though?
there's really no need. it's not much paperwork at all. i just jot down a few things each day. takes a few min. i have no need for it while i'm out working. even if i had an ipad i would back it up on paper. you never know when it's gonna go poof on you and you lose everything. you can't trust computers or phones completely lol.

say you're out working one day and something happens. the ipad gets dropped or something. you lose everything. a protective case doesn't prevent all damage. you would be up the creek without a paddle. you drop a notebook it doesn't break and you lose nothing. i don't take my notebook with me though. i leave it at home. there's no need for it on the job. all you need working is lawn equipment and gas lol.

i tend to use my mind as my computer. i'll do that until i lose my mind i guess lol.

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