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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
Here's what I'm dealing with.The property owner lets her daughter handle her finances.The daughter calls a gives the green light to start the job.Shes asked if I billed hourly.I said yes.I start this past friday.I finish up today.
the total was 14.5hrs. So the mother & daughter meet me at the property this AM. The daughter says when your done,just tell my mother she will give you a check.So I finish up this afternoon. I give the bill/hrs worked and the mother goes into orbit.Sayn she can't afford the bill. She thought it was gonna be in the $30.00 range.(I'm not a 12yr old with a rake)

After talking to the mother,she gives me a check for the bill.Well 2hrs later the daughter leaves a message sayn she stoped payment on the check.How would some of you handle this situation?
my hourly rate is $35 per man hour.

as for handling the situation I would sent a letter snail mail informing them they have 14 days from the date of the letter to send payment or I reserve the right to use lawyers, liens, small claims court or collection agencies to collect any unpaid balances.

then I would sit back and go about my business.
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