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I really like the interface and concept of Jobber. I can see where there needs to be additional functions that every company would need, but I know its a new program that is getting its start still (which is one huge plus for me, I like supporting start ups whenever possible). I get the feeling from using it that the designers/programmers are avid Apple users... Or at least unterstand what makes an Apple program so intuitive, and wanted to bring some of that same clean look and ease of use to their program.

But here is my BIG issue for me. It will NOT sync with Quickbooks for Mac 2013. Now I have been told by a Jobber rep that I can add the invoice total aggregate amount as one line item to my Quickbooks Journal for a given period I choose (whether its daily, weekly, monthly, etc). I can see how this would work, but it still adds the margin for error by doing a manual data entry from program to program, it also will not allow me to get a clear financial picture in quickbooks at a moments notice. Now since Jobber does not currently track expenses, Jobber cannot give me any idea of what is going out, only the invoices and money that is coming in.

It is also my understanding that this is not the fault of Jobber, but more the fault of quickbooks for not allowing their Mac users to have any type of online connectivity with Quickbooks program. Windows users do not have this issue. So this problem really sounds like Quickbooks dropping the ball more than Jobber. However, it doesn't change that it is a real problem that Mac users will face, and its not like we mac guys are very sparse anymore... Every mall around has an Apple store, and I only know a handful of people even using Windows anymore.

Things I would like to see in the program:

1. Equipment Maintenance Tracking - I would like to have a simple interface within this program to track what maintenance was done to what equipment. It could tie in the timesheet & expense tracking into this to help determine maintenance costs.

2. Start/Stop Button on Time Tracking - Being an online program we all know it has a pretty accurate clock attached to it. I would like to see the timesheets option have a big STOP and START button for the crews to use. Under that could be the same drop down menu that they already have that allows the user to classify what the time was for. So when they show up at a site, click Start Clock > Select Job # (or location) > and then the clock starts. When the job is finished, the crew clicks Stop Clock > Start Transportation Time .... Etc. This way I could get a report for the most important part of running a landscaping company JOB COSTING. If someone knows how many hours of drive time, mow time, mulching time, repair/maintenance time, etc that they spent over the course of a whole season, then it becomes extremely powerful information to have for next year budgeting and determining production rates. This is the biggest reason I'm looking to upgrade my software. I'm tired of transferring paper documents with horrible handwriting into spreadsheets...

3. E-mail Tracking - Jobber already seems to have a pretty mild version of a CRM program built in that holds all relevant customer info. But I would really like to see it also track e-mails for each client and attach them to their file. This is not something that is too hard for a program to do if the user just Bcc: every e-mail to Jobber. I've seen it done this way on many dedicated CRM solutions, but I would really love to see it in Jobber.

My one other concern with Jobber is the whole "add on" deal. I understand the concept of "don't pay for what you don't need", which I agree with for functions like chemical tracking. However there are some things that should just be standard, like the time sheets function. Or the Contact Form function. I wonder if in the future this will become the buffet of software programs, and by time I had all the features I wanted the price would be through the roof.. Again, this is NOT what they are doing, just something that I hope they don't do in the future.

As you can tell, I've been spending time with this decision, and I really like Jobber. I want to sign up for it, but there are a couple things (esp quickbooks) that might not let me. In the meantime, I'll keep messing with it, learning more, and calling them with questions.

Overall looks like they are on the right track to having a killer program. I do understand all these updates, changes, and features aren't cheap to put together/program.
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