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Originally Posted by excel View Post
ELS, In my plowing pricing model I'm employing 4 "buckets" ,if you will, based on level of difficulty. Obviously there is an infinite number of variables that we could worry about, but Ill start out with 4 options. In my model, I have the difficulty level tied to certain production rates and costs, so the model will recognize a more difficult selection and increase costs as a result. Its certainly not refined what so ever, and Im hoping that getting more accurate production rates will allow me to expand this model to my other services. Otherwise I guess Ill need to break out the stop watch and measuring wheel haha.

I gave a ring over to VKA, no answer. I left a message, hopefully they return my call. Cant say Ive ever worked so hard to buy a book in my life. Ill keep you all posted if I get through, or if I find another vendor.
You are not going to get that much detail from VK nor are you going to see production rates for plowing. The business management book is still a good tool with some insight into the landscape / hardscape industry for contractors
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