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Hi Merrimacmill,

Wow, you sure have a lot of knowledge about our product and software in general! I'm glad to see that you are taking some quality time to research what will work best for you. Thank-you very much for the feedback! Hearing our customer's concerns and top priorities really does drive where the product is headed every day.

In terms of your suggestions, we are very aware of the first two as they are high priorities on our road map for the near future. I don't want to make any promises I can't keep but those are certainly two functionalities in high demand that will be a part of our offering moving forward.

As for the email history, there is definitely a way to see all of a customer's interactions in the reports section. Go to the management tab > client reports > email communications to see all the email history. From there, you can sort the fields to see what you are looking for. This may not be the perfect solution as I think maybe you'd ideally like to see the records in the client view? Am I on the right track here?

On a personal note: I am so sorry about the (lack of) quickbooks integration. You must be an Apple user in Canada then? Trust me - we feel your pain! You were bang on in that we all have Macs and I'm sure our designer's have taken some of their inspiration for the intuitiveness of the software from Apple.

Once again, thanks for the great feedback. Keep it coming whenever you see something that we could do better!


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