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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
My point was the sprinkler guys should depend on the mow crew to alert them to problems, they're on site more than we are. If it was a mall with a big box anchor tenant, I might have gone there, but, quite frankly, those dickwads get their yearly bonus off what they save off turf & irrigation.
I both agree and not agree. Dan is right, much as I hate to admit it, the irrigation guys should catch it, assuming they even have an "irrigation guy" and their contract allows for regular visits. If not, then someone does need to give someone the heads up. No saying someone didn't already give the appropriate person the heads up .... and they just aren't doing anything about it. That said, most mow and blow outfits that I have had the (dis)pleasure of working with generally wouldn't give a damn if it were leaking or not.
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