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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
True, but as you can see, this system was losing water, big time, even as I sat and fumed from the motor home. SOMEONE should have had the brass to call someone who knew the (ho ho) sprinkler guys. We walked the site weekly on all our large clients; if they complained, cone markers in the truck, pay your last bill and F**k you, by the way.
True story....adjacent apartment complex to our largest hoa...
Drove by on saturday and noticed that a head was broken and valve likly stuck as water gushed down street and pooled...on return trip past 4 hours later same home called dad and discussed....he had already gone and discussed problem and offered to shut system off for free( HE LIVES NEAR THE COMPLEX)...
They told him to beat it as they had their own irrigation guy...
As it turned out, my brother later drove by without discussing with dad or me and asked them if they wanted him to shut off...same

It took their guy until Monday to shut it off.....

A year earlier,
I stopped at a hotel at 7pm at night to tell them their system had a stuck valve...beat it , we got our own guy...

My own dentist, same issue, stuck valve at 2pm, highly visible and illegal...he told me his guy was working on it and didn't want me to shut it ran

A neighbor to our shop had timers that were on during the middle of day...his receptionist wouldn't let me reprogram the timer or talk to their boss.

Ima lawn guy and an irrigator...guess trying to be frieindly don't time, I'll tell em it'll be 150 bucks emergency visits
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