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Originally Posted by Andrew & Ben's Lawn Care View Post
Brandon, here are your answers.

1. You do not need to take a test and become a Certified Commercial Applicator to apply Fertilizer in Tn.

2. You do need to take the test and become a Certified Commercial Applicator to apply Pesticides/Herbicides.

Just study the 2 books you have and you'll pass the 100 question test. If you fail the 15.00 test, you can take it when you feel ready again; it's given every week.

Once you are a Certified Commercial Applicator, you are able to spray for someone who has a "Charter/License". After you have 2 years verifiable experience, you can take the next test and get your own Charter. When you get your own Charter, you can spray for yourself.

Everything I just stated is in your "Ornamental and Turfgrass Pest Control" book PB1652
I have studied the 2 books now. What I am saying is I can't work for someone else for 2 years. It looks like having a degree from a 4 year college or having a license from out of state is the only other way to be a Licensed Commercial Pesticide Operator. Then my employees only need to be certified which doesn't have the same requirements.

I think I probably worded my original question wrong. Since then, I have learned more about what I was talking about because this question was from last year.

I am certain that I could pass the test if I had the requirements to even take the test. Would it be possible to get the license out of state. In a state that doesn't have these requirements first? I have looked at Georgia and it seems they are fairly close to Tennessee, but don't have the 2 year exp requirement. I am confident I could pass the Georgia test and will probably give it a try if it is the only option for me to be able to take the Tennessee test.
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