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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
So you land a leaf clean up job.The leaves haven't been touch all season.The property is a mess. You as a solo get with owners and they tell you what they want done. They give you the green light to start. The total job takes you 14.5 hr Whats your bill for the customer?

14.5 hrs.
4 gallons of 2cycle mix.
Gutter cleaning.
Wrong answer.
You need to have agreed on a total before you started.

Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
Here's what I'm dealing with.The property owner lets her daughter handle her finances.The daughter calls a gives the green light to start the job.Shes asked if I billed hourly.I said yes.I start this past friday.I finish up today.
the total was 14.5hrs. So the mother & daughter meet me at the property this AM. The daughter says when your done,just tell my mother she will give you a check.So I finish up this afternoon. I give the bill/hrs worked and the mother goes into orbit.Sayn she can't afford the bill. She thought it was gonna be in the $30.00 range.(I'm not a 12yr old with a rake)

After talking to the mother,she gives me a check for the bill.Well 2hrs later the daughter leaves a message sayn she stoped payment on the check.How would some of you handle this situation?
You screwed up, of course they thought it was going to be in the $30 range,
I completely understand the customer's position, $500 for 15 hours, man
you are crazy I wouldn't pay you either!

It's your fault!

What you are doing now in ways of getting paid borders on extortion and strong armed robbery.
People like you are giving this Industry a bad name.

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Can we presume this event did not happen? The title is "hypothetical," which means the situation has been framed as something that could happen, but did not. If it did happen as stated, then it is not "hypothetical," rather reality.
We could presume, except that reading this thread I have every reason to believe it did happen,
the fact the title includes the word hypothetical really isn't helping either.

I'm all fired up so even if it were hypothetical it was a bad idea for a thread.

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