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Originally Posted by clyde View Post
What i am trying to find out is if you have 7 Topdog lights ( upon customers specific request ) what size transformers do you need. We are lighting up a wooden bridge he just built about 200' long going to lake. He wants these lights about 20' up. The area is in a wooded area has standing water and stays wet ( to walk in ) a long time after it rains. The problem is I am not familiar enough with the lights , nor the USUAL transformer sizes on the shelf you can buy. Do they come in 100, 200 and/or 300 watt?
Not trying to be difficult here but you need to provide some more information.
What lamps are you planning to use inside the fixtures? (how much illumination do you want on the object? This will help to figure out lamp type/output, beam spread, mounting height and fixture count) Will you use halogen or LED? Once you know the total load (watts) and type of lamps/fixtures, then you can calculate your voltage drop and determine how many and what type of secondary circuits you are going to run from the transformer to the fixtures. Finally you will be able to determine the right size of transformer to use. Keep in mind that you should leave some extra capacity on the transformer for future expansion or changes.

There is a lot more to doing this properly that they show on those Lowes and Home Depot instructional videos!

Good luck.
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