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Good points, I buy my labor lunch if they don't have any money, or if we are working on a big job, even if we are just mowing and we are flying through accounts, I'll still pay for lunch. I buy them water, snacks, candy, whatever helps them through the day. and I don't make them trim all day either, I mow the more difficult ones, and they mow the easier ones. works out good, that way everyone stays healthy and no one hates what they do.

I used to be in a position for another company where one of the 3 days i worked, i trimmed two big properties and that was my day. then the next day i would start out mowing for half the day and trim the other half, then i would mow most of the last day and trim a little. i liked it, and gave great quality work, i was an mvp on that team, but the pay wasn't there, and i was already doing my stuff part time so i just took the dive to do my stuff full time. I may consider letting someone take home a company truck once there are a few extra ones to take home, I think that may encourage the right employee to be more responsible.
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