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Thanks for the reply Jeff. I think its really great that you guys pay attention to what people are saying, and what we need in the field to make something like this work.

Great to hear on the first two. I know they are something that others have, but I think they do too complex of a job at it.

I'm not from Canada, I'm in the US. Will this effect my quickbooks capability? I have Quickbooks for Mac 2012 and plan on upgrading to 2013. Let me know on this when you get a chance, this would really be great if it worked in the US.

As to the e-mail tracking, I didn't even realize that was there. Thats good to know. Does this just track e-mails sent automatically from the program such as invoices, quotes, etc? What I am talking about is a way to attach e-mails to a client's file, similarly to many CRM solutions. So if they call, and argue with you about what you said or agreed on in an e-mail, it is right in front you when they call. This is such a common thing for us to have to look up and show the customer why we are right based on their e-mails, but I have multiple computers and don't always have access to the e-mails when I need them.

The reality is that landscape and snow companies really could be better businesses if they all utilized a CRM software of some kind. We would never forget to call someone back, or send over that quote on the day we told the customer we would, and all e-mails and complaints would be tracked for liability reasons. But most dedicated CRM solutions are just way to robust for the average landscaper and have too much of a learning curve. So what I really like the most about Jobber is that it seems to take steps in the direction of a very basic CRM solution, tied into everything else we need, but keeps it simple. But I think it just lacks in a few key areas that could make it a great all around solution.

One simple suggestion I have is if you have a Client with multiple properties, and you click on one of the listed properties, the notes section (that was there in the client view) goes away. If I had that in the property view (with separate notes for each property), I would be able to make notes about a particular property. For instance, I have a property manager and we do 4 properties for them. Each property has an on-site point of contact that I could list in the notes section, or simple things like what particular resident at the HOA is a complainer, or even notes of interactions we've had about the property. That would be a big help for me.

The next thing is complaints. We all get complaints from time to time, and I can't tell you how many times we had complaints not formally filed for reference in any future dispute or for liability reasons, and not tracked to see what our most common problem is. What I picture is a option in the "Quick Create" button that says Complaints and then leads to a window to fill out information applicable to the complaint (each one assigned to a property). Then when in the Client view you could have a button say view complaint history, which would show them just like your e-mail tracking does. I think an important thing for this would be to have other members with limited access, have access to this feature so they could file complaints as they receive them right on the job site. I do this already in a simpler way, but just using that database program Bento by FileMaker.

That tied in with showing the e-mails in the client view, and everything you already have would really cover whatever we could need in simplified crm. You could already have this on here, but I haven't found it yet.

PS sorry to hijack this one - to the OP.
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