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Originally Posted by CLS_Birmingham View Post
So I finally sucked it up and purchased SAP this afternoon. 4 Hours later I'm praying I'm setting this thing up right for scheduling. Question for those whose clients are locked into a fixed rate contract. How do I set this thing up to automatically invoice them the same amount each month?? I have my contracts setup where we only make an apparenance once a month during Jan/Feb, then back to normal schedule in March. If I use the contract feature, will SAP just simply invoice that amount each month?? If not, what do I need to do to make it do what I want??

In the past I've just been using memorized transactions in QB and just invoicing them once a month.
Go to your "client list" and select your client. To the right side of the screen under the "balance box" is a contract button. Click it and it will set up a contract. You enter all your specifics of your contract then to the bottom of the page is the "payment details" section. There you can put whatever you want billed monthly. If it is the same enter the amount in the First month and click "auto fill".

I have spent the last few days of spare time getting my company set up. Tomorrow is inventory and schedule day!
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