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I thinking it was the early 1990's because I was living in Boca Grande at the time. The point is we had the same type of hot winter as this year UNTIL late February and the 1st week of March. Every thing was in bloom when we had 3 hard freezes in a row. Boca Grande being on Gasprilla Island surrounded by warm water has a Micro climate more like Key West or Cuba. Instead of a zone 10 cold hardiness zone it is more like a zone 12 with a lot of tropical plants. The combination of 3 hard freezes in a row with warming in between really killed a ton of tropical plants and stunted even the most cold hardy plants that were blooming.

Monday I gave an estimate and got the job because the customer has grubs. fact is a large white grub crawled out of the turf on to the street right in front of us. First time ever and it Blew my mind to see a active grub in January. But the Gulf water temperature is still 70 degrees which meant the ground temperature is around 70 also. Grubs over wintering is controlled by ground temperature not hours of daylight like other plants and animals.


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