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Originally Posted by lil View Post
Could someone please explain the difference between these machines?
They are the same size motor and roughly the same price and weight, yet the air throughput varies greatly.

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I started my LCO two years ago and followed advice of guys on here. Don't buy anything but the most powerful unit no matter what brand you are buying. Time=$ and the time/$ adds up quickly when trying to move grass clippings, clumps and leaves around.

I bought a BR600 two years ago at my local dealer for $425 when they were selling used ones on Fleabay for $300-$400. Do not be afraid to negotiate with your Stihl Dealers. The suggested retail price of $499 is making them a lot of $$...offer $400 and work up from there. Do not I repeat do not buy used never know how well it was maintained.

Last spring I decided I needed another blower and found a dealer a few miles further up the road selling them for $415.

BTW- The BR600 may not be the most powerful unit built but it is IMHO the best when considering power to weight ratio. Lugging one of these around on your back for 3 or more hours will make you appreciate this fact.

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