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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
I use a WB on high end residentials instead of a Z. Takes the 'lazy' look perception away from the customer.
I also communicate often with them to give them exactly what they want. I bend over backward for my high end irrigated resi mows.
Been looking for a marketing phrase and approach to convey this. I'm not full service and I never be. I'm ALL about the lawn. I only prune for regular mowing clients.

My quality of cut and attention to detail is clearly hands down better. The lawns I'm in control of on applications and water cycles are clearly the best looking and healthiest lawns on block.

I'd much rather pick and choose my clients to fit what I offer vs chasing a specific demographic.

I will probably never own a sit down rider mower of kind. It does look lazy IMO and the mowers are much heavier than what I run now. The lightest sitdown mower I know of is a Walker but my quaility of cut is still better than that with no center trailing wheel marks.
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