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Originally Posted by pseudosun View Post
I'm familiar with customers with dementia. I lost a customer because he said that he paid me, and i had to tell him that he didn't. I really thought the wife would understand what was going on, but she automatically took his side, and told me to leave.
I mowed one summer for a gentleman who was apparently in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I realized it after he would tell me a story, then repeat the same story 5 minutes later without realizing he had already told me.

Anyway, a week or so after the last mow, he stops by the house and tries to pay me. Again. I had a little trouble convincing him he had already paid me. I can certainly see how this could go the other way as well. In hindsight, if you are dealing with anyone you think might have a mental deficiency, it is probably a good idea to document each and every transaction in writing.
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