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Originally Posted by Woody82986 View Post
Lively debate here. I like it. I think it's all a matter of where your company is located, what type of company you are running and what you want to take on. Simply saying that ALL companies who take on any bi weekly work are settling is a tad off kilter. That being said, I'm quite positive that if given the choice, the overwhelming majority of us would choose the weekly client over the bi weekly client, but not all. There is something to be said for the bi weekly client that ends up bringing in more money than a weekly client because they want clean ups and bed maintenance and other services that push them ahead of your average weekly client. I prefer weekly clients and only take on bi weekly clients that will fit well into my schedule and are profitable. I don't go out of my way to accomodate bi weekly clients. And I'd also like to point out that our views on cutting frequency are largely associated with the fact that we run on a 7 day weekly cycle. If we ran on an 8 or 9 day cycle and that's all we ever knew, I'd bet money that nobody would be on here saying "every 7 days is a must". I know most situations don't end up this way, but picture this... 3 lawns within 3 blocks of eachother. One lawn is smaller and weekly with no trees. The two other lawns are twice the size and have an abundance of trees but no irrigation and are bi weekly lawns. At the end of the year, all three lawns bring in the same amount because you did the weekly lawn and one of the bi weekly lawns on one week, and the weekly lawn and the other bi weekly on the next week. There were only seconds of difference in drive time between the two weeks and the work times ended up nearly identical so there's no real slack in the schedule from one week to the next. What's wrong with taking on those two bi weekly lawns in that scenario? This scenario busts the "settling" theory. It doesn't always work like this but when it makes sense to take on bi weekly lawns, I bet this scenario comes close.
Good points as well. In my case, I have enough EOW accounts to fill an entire day, so I can theoretically work a day less every other week. In practice, this doesn't usually work out, because I often mix the weeklies and bi-weeklies, but am considering setting my schedule up this summer to get that extra day off.
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