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iv had great luck with direct mail but iv never sent out less than 2000 mailers. in fact i just sent out 2500 and have picked up 4 nice residential jobs and 2 commercial accounts. all signed yearly contracts so in just the 6 contracts iv signed will pay for the advertising itself in just 1 week. i have found that direct mail you have to be early before people sign contracts with everyone else. just like with everything else. i once got a late start like you and ended up getting nothing myself! but as i first stated everybody has different outcomes and i hate it didn't work in your favor as i know direct mail can get pricey. craigslist i will agree i haven't picked up but maybe 1 account off there but IMO its free might as well take advantage of it cause we sure don't get much free in this world! speaking of free some do not like doing this but i think its a great way to add to the word of mouth advertising, offer some kind of promotion. i offer the first mowing free with signed yearly contract and i have a refer a friend program also. not saying do these exact things but things like this will most always catch attention because well its FREE! and as we all know to well customers love free! lol

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