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Originally Posted by mitchgo View Post
It's called The Genovese Effect . When everyone see's something wrong but does nothing about it.

Basically.. It's up to the irrigation guy for the repairs.. It's up to the property manager to get a hold of the irrigation guy on Emergencies ( No one can predict an emergency how can you be there to fix it lol) And it's up to everyday people like the mow and blow's to notify the property managers. Pretty simple really

So in this instance I think it's the blow job guys fault because he couldn't take a single second of extra energy in his life and participate in a good deed. ef that guy i'll punch his face
I have this happen to us all the time. We had a main line let loose on a job a couple of weeks back. The thing ran all day and at 5:00 on a friday night I get a call from the PM saying that there is a big problem and the tenant noticed it that morning but didn't call until 10 minutes ago. A lot of people are just unaware and or stupid.
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