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Originally Posted by Andrew & Ben's Lawn Care View Post
Brandon, Mowin,

Read page 6 of the cat 3 certification manual PB 1652 and it will clear thing up for you. It is confusing, but will give you clear answers. Funny thing is, the very questions you are asking are on the test. So, read it and understand it and you'll already have 3 of the answers.
Mowin is talking about fertilizer. I don't see anything about fertilizer on page 6. I can answer all the questions on each section correctly. I have since studied the 2 books since making the original post last year.

Pesticides and fertilizers are two different things. This test license is for Pesticides. If a license is required for Fertilizer then I believe it would be a different license unrelated to the use of pesticides.
I believe some states do require a fertilizer license, but I don't think TN does.
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