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Well long story short I had a Predator Pro stolen from me back in october and was just going to buy another one since the bobcats have worked really well for me. That was until I saw the threads on the kubota and massey diesel machines. I was about to buy a kubota and then after calling a dealer he called me back and wanted more details of what I would be doing with it and how many. I told him what I do which is city parks schools etc. and I need one machine to replace the machine that was stolen but I have two I am going to rotate out and replace with new during the year and two more next year that will be due to rotate out. So he said give me a day to see what I can do before I pull the trigger on a kubota. So I did and I was very happy with that decision. He gave me a multiple unit price for one machine with the agreement that I was not committed to more than one machine. I did tell him that if it works like I hope it will that I will be after more of them. So for those wanting to know how many greenbacks. I got a ZT29 with a standard 72" mower deck for less than a 72" predator pro was going to cost me. It was $5000 less than a kubota.
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