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LED Durability vs Halogen...

This question is for everyone, but especially for those who know a bit about the manufacturing of LED technologies. I understand enough about LED to feel comfortable installing them, but I admittedly don't know a whole lot about their overall durability. These are lamps that we are forced to stand behind for a lot greater length of time so I was wondering about a few things.

1) Halogen/Incandescent lamps are always susceptible to blowing/breaking the filament with minor abuse (good wack from a blower, soccer ball hitting a fixture, foot traffic bumping a fixture). How do LED's stand up to similar abuse? Is there anything as fragile in the LED that could be compromised fairly easily from something like above. Obviously im not talking about kicking the fixture across the yard, but just general things that are bound to happen occasionally.

2) How susceptible to failure are LED lamps (especially Par types) to water damage or failure? Many well light and par lamp replacements would be open air fixtures. I have not done any drop in replacement with pars for this reason as I imagine that this would certainly be a no-no, but it's fairly common amongst halogen installs. Whether it be pars or bi-pins and wedge lamps. There are many wall lights (using a small wedge or bi-pin) that are open air applications and many downlights that are as well (mr 11, mr 16, ar11, 1156, etc..) Do the LED manus take this into account or are we all sort of flying blind on this as installers and acting as guinea pigs who will be given the run around about water damage as soon as they fail ?
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