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Predict SEO obsolete by 2020

In another topic, I mentioned something along the lines of SEO being somewhat obsolete in a few years. I'm estimating by 2020. I don't mean obsolete in regards to what I refer to as good page design. Like completed title and image tags should be there, and keywords are good. But mainly for reference.

I mean SEO will probably become obsolete in regards to SEO specialists selling their services to move one site higher than another site. With the exception of where maybe it's a small town or very limited niche.

But take landscape for example ... where maybe there were 20 websites in west Portland metro area 10 years ago, we're talking a whole different world by 2020 if there's like 200 websites or 500 websites. There's no fricken way SEO specialists can pawn off their services to half those landscape companies to promise any real competitive edge.

Basically, I think SEO will heavily be replaced by a big shift in advertising and marketing again. And there will be a few sites that juggle-around the top listings due to certain long-time popularity, or huge money investment in something that's more listing related than just "SEO"

I think what's going to happen, is in about 4 years, if not already, SEO outfits are going to start getting a sour reputation for offering something that can't be maintained or achieved at all, or even affordable. Or the results are flash in the pan, where a site spikes, merely to have another SEO person, or Google's selective process change at the drop of a hat. And then these landscape companies, or whatever companies, are going to just start bad-mouthing how much money they paid to get nothing.

There's just no platform of argument around this ...

The math and stats alone would defeat any SEO pro's sales pitch before they even get started. If there's 100's of companies in a niche in one area, and one relevant page of value ... PAGE 1 ... even if every website were masterfully fine-tuned to the limit, only a handful can fit on PAGE one, let alone positions 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

So it would not make SEO go away.

I just see it meaning the SEO profession fizzling severely, where maybe the best 10% remain in business where they can really voice that niche significantly, and the other 90% just marketing website design, or other forms of advertising and networking.

The lesson being, don't rely on SEO, but just design your website completely. List the needed content, facts, tags, words and contact. Basically make it look pretty and accurate. Then start focusing more on other forms of advertising and marketing more heavily again. Not the yellow pages of course. That's probably permanently doomed.
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