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Originally Posted by GLC View Post
Does anyone use or have any information on the old toyota 1 tons? I have seen several with uhaul bodies and wondered how are they on gas. And just general hauling. I bet that would be a great chassis to build a lawn bed on...I see one is for sale here in alabama and was thinking about purchasing...
They werent that good, and the gas mileage was poor. The exhaust would get so hot on them it would burn your feet literally, Im surprised they all didnt catch on fire. The v6 was a terriable engine, the 4 while realiable could pull a heavy payload. The transmissions were realiable, but super expensive to repair, the rear ends were reailable and Toyotas design they werent hard to change. Strick shifts would wearout clutches in less than 10000 miles.

Brakes would wear out in 3 to 4 thousand miles, as well as the front tires because the front was too light and it made it impossible to align one, they were also difficuld to keep on the road due to the light front end.
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