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Good post, mdvaden. While I agree with some of your points, or the spirit of them, I disagree with others you mention. Regardless, it was a good read to get people to think.
Originally Posted by mdvaden View Post
Basically, I think SEO will heavily be replaced by a big shift in advertising and marketing again.
I agree that SEO, as we know it, will be fundamentally different or gone, but it will likely be technology-driven, ie Google's algorithm. Look back 7 years and look how the SEO landscape has changed. Look at what methods no longer are useful, yet people still do. Meta Keywords is the easiest example. I still see people paying SEO "experts" to implement these on their sites. The shadier SEOs gladly take the money. Marketing methods didn't cause that shift, Google's reaction to it did.

Google moves the goal post whenever they feel the need, usually due to abuse. This is why I think the majority of Citations (as they currently exists) will see a diminished value much sooner than later.

I think what's going to happen, is in about 4 years, if not already, SEO outfits are going to start getting a sour reputation for offering something that can't be maintained or achieved at all
This has already happened. The industry is, by and large, viewed as the veritable love child of snake oil and used car salesmen. I can count on exactly one finger the number of instances where people have had me review their site and SEO contracts/output and I've said, "You're getting good work done.". In almost every instance, not only is the bare minimum not being done for their clients, they're not doing anything at all.

There's just no platform of argument around this ...

The math and stats alone would defeat any SEO pro's sales pitch before they even get started. If there's 100's of companies in a niche in one area, and one relevant page of value ... PAGE 1 ... even if every website were masterfully fine-tuned to the limit, only a handful can fit on PAGE one, let alone positions 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
I'm amused by two of the web design companies (firms, not DIY builder sites) that I've seen mentioned the most in these threads and their willingness to take on direct competitors. How can you take on two lawn care clients in say, Some City, New Jersey, and promise top rank results for both of them? It takes me less than one minute to find these conflicts of interest, whereas the blissfully unaware clients are paying hundreds a month for this honor.

I just see it meaning the SEO profession fizzling severely, where maybe the best 10% remain in business where they can really voice that niche significantly, and the other 90% just marketing website design, or other forms of advertising and networking.
Like any other technology and marketing business, they will adapt and ride the next wave. Just like some programmed in FORTRAN, they're now doing so in Java. Just like email marketing became spam-dominated and falling out of favor, and now we're seeing proper, responsible email campaigns being a significant weapon in the marketing arsenal.

The lesson being, don't rely on SEO, but just design your website completely.
1,000 times this, but you will lose if you do not have a solid SEO plan and implementation.

Then start focusing more on other forms of advertising and marketing more heavily again.
Such as?
I know lawn & landscape marketing, branding, and web strategy. I'm not anonymous, I just don't self-promote.
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