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Originally Posted by Marshman View Post
I'm in the same boat as far as software searching goes. Ive researched quite a bit into Jobber and SAP. Check out The Service Program. They've been great with feedback and seem great as well. They've had an app for 3 years. I still havent pulled the trigger yet. Leaning SAP at this point due to all ythe positive feedback everyone is giving it.
What is the price on "The Service Program"?

There are some really great programs out there that blow any of these 3 we are talking about completely out of the water. For instance, as we all know, Real Green Systems is just an absolutely killer program in every single regard, except THE most important one. Price.

I find myself getting to think "oh I need this, and I need that" but then I remember, I need to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Real Green is what like $10,000 or something last time I checked?

Even Service Autopilot is something like $140 per month if I remember correctly. And being $100 per month or $1,000 per year more expensive than Jobber (with what features I would add) is a huge jump for a recurring software bill.

I always hated software that I had to pay a subscription for. Then I signed up for for $99 per month, and it simply changed my life forever with the tools it gave me. I think they have a tough sell at $1,000 every year, which keeps a lot of guys away. But thats a good thing, otherwise everyone would know too much...

Anyways thats a different type of software for a different use, so its really off topic.
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