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The Right Software for The Solo/Newbie?

As someone that wants to stay solo for sometime and is new to the industry. Not wanting to drop a load of money on more than what is necessary, but would like to make life simpler. Could someone experienced recommend a software product that is industry specific? Something that will help the newbie grow into a better professional.

Looking for something the client can pay bills and view billing history online and pay for services. Something I would have the ability to print records of expenses and income for an accountant, as I think the taxes side of the business I will leave to a professional. Bidding specific would be nice too.

Apologies for repeating what is probably a very common question here on LawnSite, there are just so many very long threads on the subject.


Also, is there an aspect I am not considering in my search? Something that an experienced lawn care professional, should just not do without, considering business software?

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