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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i know, the crew has a ton to do with it. i however, take way more time than folks that do it every day, in and out. buying power, is similar though. i know a few guys who are full time irrigators. i buy the same as they do, so it is about efficiency on the job more than anything i think.
I am not going to share all my secrets but here is one:

We have many redundancies in tools. Many think that this is a waste of money, but it is not. We have "job boxes" not "tool boxes." This means when you go to install the back flow device, you grab the back flow "job box" and it has all the tools in it to install the double check. We also have the controller "job box," this box has all of the tools to install the controller, and it has many of the same tools that the back flow box does. We have about 5 different boxes, many of them contain mostly the same tools. It cuts down on lost tools, and time spent going through large tool boxes searching for tools that the other guy did not put back in the right spot.

You probably are buying at a good rate, but do you really think you are on the same price level as someone who buys $12,500 a week? I will send you a PM later on and go into more detail.
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