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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post

I agree that SEO, as we know it, will be fundamentally different or gone, but it will likely be technology-driven, ie Google's algorithm. Look back 7 years and look how the SEO landscape has changed. Look at what methods no longer are useful, yet people still do. Meta Keywords is the easiest example. I still see people paying SEO "experts" to implement these on their sites. The shadier SEOs gladly take the money. Marketing methods didn't cause that shift, Google's reaction to it did.

.... SNIP

Such as?
On the latter "such as" ... could be as simple as some folks going back to flyers and brochures. Returning to hard copy if the internet traffic has to be shared.

I used to do trade shows, and don't now, but could consider that someday if needed.

Thinking back 7 or more years, I sure recall when Google did not have the local places stuff on the first page. All just search results. I actually liked that better. And wouldn't mind the places part today, all stuffed into one little button, that could be clicked and entered as it's own section. Sort of like how one can use Google images and migrate right away from search results to just images.
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