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Related to the "serious problems"

Most of the problems are not too serious. However, I will go out on a limb and say I was probably one of the first 20-50 clients that signed up 3 years ago. When ever I called, Jonathan answered the phone directly, and I spoke with his partner John, to resolve problems.

Where I'm getting aggravated is the lack of testing and functioning, as well as other promises that have been made, and frankly not kept. When I signed up 3 years ago, Jonathan stated the marketing and work flow management would be coming.....still not here.

I was told email would be coming.....still not here

I was one of the first persons to demand a snow removal solution, I told them that what they came up with was not going to work, and that it needed to be reworked...that was almost 2 years ago.....still not fixed

I had asked for GPS integration.....was told not in the I here I might work with the new apps.

I called back in June told them I needed a time clock solution.....big problem, lots of money going out the door everyday with manual time cards.....I was told wait a month and an update would be out with it.....well waited 6 months, and the solution frankly sucks and wasn't tested well if at all.

We have other needs as well, and I'm sick of waiting for solutions or peacing in solutions. I'm sick of waits 3 years for major parts of their system as they promised when I was sold on it.

SAP has been hands down the best thing I ever did for my company. Problem is my company is growing rapidly, and if all these updates,fixes and other coming soon features can't keep up, I will have no choice but to look else where. I know of a very good program used by a large company locally here...cost is 15,000, but when you are already paying 120 per month, plus a bunch of other programs to fill the voids, suddenly 15 k isn't too fare off to have a fully functioning system that can produce more sales
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