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Originally Posted by cimkill View Post
Shovel racer thank's for the input. Just wanted to clarify I do not have the trailer yet; nor the third ztr. I will be going up to the U.S.A early this summer or late spring to purchase everything and maybe drive it down through Mexico to Belize. Im not sure yet might ship it all, any how I am definately not going to buy a 20 foot enclosed with no breaks! That would be insane! Thank's for the info. The 411 rear end is the gear ratio right???
yes, but it's actually listed as a 4.11 .

You just need to get the right ring and pinion gear for the specific rear end you have. You should look up the Vin number and see what you have first.

Depending on the truck, it could have a 3.42 or a 3.73. Depending on the axle you might be able to go to a 4.10. But keep in mind, changing your rear axle gear will give you more torque and pulling power, but your going to loose on mpg's. But, with propane the cost difference might be negligable.

Also, if you have 4 wheel drive, then you'll also need to change the gearing in the front differential to match the rear.

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